Are you wondering if we’re a good fit for you? Who IS Cranium Collective for?  

We’d love to say Cranium Collective is for everyone, and in a way it is, but it’s also not healthy to think we can serve everyone. We can’t. Our goal is to truly serve every enrolled student, and as much as we would love if that included everyone it just can’t.  Sad but true. 

Who Are We For? Are We For You?

Let’s get this out of the way first! You live in Maryland, near enough to attend classes in Anne Arundel County. You either already homeschool, or will be for the 2019/2020 school year. You are looking to enroll your child in a homeschool facility of some kind. All yeses so far? Keep Reading!

You may be a family where both parents work, and you’re looking for your child to get out more while you work. 

You have an older kid who may need to make more friends and more connections to the community. 

You may have multiple kids but with a large age gap and one child needs more time away from the others, or maybe the oldest are grown and the youngest is alone at home.

You may want your single child to benefit more from group projects, or to get used to working around others regularly. 

Your child may be gifted or 2e and just doesn’t fit in standard co-ops because of the schedules and organized classes. 

You may feel that as soon as you turn your back your kid just turns to Youtube. You want them to be a creator and not a consumer, but you just don’t have the time to hand-hold them all day. 

You probably are following some variety of curriculum at home but are overwhelmed trying to find fun extras to do with your child. 

You may understand the importance of art or science but struggle to allow the possible mess at home. 

You probably want to enroll your child in tons of classes, there are so many good ones, but your child has to many interests for a six week long dedication, or simply doesn’t want to dedicate six weeks to learning about just one thing. 

You want to enroll your child in an educational environment but haven’t found the right one. They are all too strict or too lose. You feel like Goldilocks finding the right porridge, and you’re sick of trying to find something in the middle. 

You expect good behavior and kindness from your child, and want to put them in a relaxed environment that expects the same. 

You may have multiple children, and any of these cases apply to you!

If ANY of these Sound like You, Then Cranium Collective may be JUST what You Need!

What Do We Expect of Students and Families?

Since we are focused on serving our students well, just starting out, AND working in a small space we can’t accept everyone. Some students just aren’t ready for us, and some we are not ready for them. Here is what we expect from our students, so that you can decide if we are ready for your child. If now isn’t a good time, keep us in mind and check back! We’re growing, your child is growing,  and not now doesn’t mean not ever!

We expect that while your child is at Cranium Collective they will be involved and engaged. Our facilitators and assistants will do all we can to create activities your child enjoys and try to keep them interested and engaged. While larger classes and group events are optional, if your child constantly doesn’t show interest then we will first discuss with them what they want to do and may schedule a meeting with the parent(s) about how we can get your child involved.

We do expect some variety of self-led work from your child. You can help with this by encouraging them to bring things from home that they want to work on, or discussing with the facilitator goals they may have for outside activities. For example a boy/girl scout may need to work on things for a merit badge. While we will also be working with your child, very intently, we also expect them to be able to entertain themselves at times. If your child needs constant one on one attention and guidance then Cranium Collective is probably not the place for them at this time. Individual teachers may also create classroom rules to help with this, such as a list of suggestions you can do if you’re not doing something else.       ,

We expect your child to respect their facilitator. Not because they are “the boss” but because they are a person. We also expect all of our students to respect each other and the rules.

We expect you to be involved in your child’s learning. We expect you to help your child by providing weather appropriate gear when needed, packing a healthy filling lunch when needed, and managing their attendance. We expect you to take your child’s attendance seriously. We expect that you will notify your facilitator in advance of family trips or known absences, as well as asap on sick days and emergencies. We also expect you to be on time for drop off and pick up.

We expect your child to be ready for a group environment and able to safely be there. If your child has never been involved in a class or group structure they may struggle too much even in our relaxed environment. You need to be sure your child is able, physically and emotionally for the classroom. We also just are not equipped to currently deal with severe disabilities, or over-aggressive behaviors. We do hope to be more accommodating as we grow.