Ready to Join Us? Great!!

Our program runs on full 18 week semesters. You will get a full 18 week winter semester with break, as well as a full 18 week spring semester with a break.  

All updates will be openly announced on our Facebook Group for applicants.

All kids 10 and up can enroll! If you child is 9 and has a birthday soon please contact us if you are interested in enrolling. 


Fees, Days, & Location

How much does it cost? How often? What days of the week? 

Cranium Collective will meet one day per week, with an additional ongoing online component. 

Tuition is as follows: $350 per child per semester.  This includes full 18 week semesters, and all supplies needed.  This tuition is non-refundable. If you enroll late in the semester we will pro-rate based on when you join. 


Cranium Collective will have the following schedule:

Currently enrolling for Wednesdays from 1-4

Drop Off will begin at 12 and Pick-up will begin at 3:30. All students must be picked up by 4pm

We will be located in Crofton, MD exact address TBA.


We follow an enrollment procedure, so if you know you want to enroll, here is what to expect.

Pre-Enrollment– We will talk to you by phone or email about your family and your child. We will discuss that you understand our method and how it compares to what you do now. You can tell us some basics about your children, their ages, interests, allergies, needs, and more. We will also discuss our policies and tuition.

Interview- If we feel we need to know more we may schedule an in person interview. Not all families will need this, and needing one doesn’t mean you may not be accepted. It’s just a way to get to know you even better! We may also have you fill out some information or paperwork. 

Paperwork- After the interview process there will be more paperwork. You will sign your enrollment contract, photo release form, safety forms, and more. 

You can pay your tuition anytime after you excepted. Payment is due before your child enters the facility. 

You’re In! You’ll be added to the Facebook Group for enrolled families. You’ll receive your handbook and class specific information. 

Time to get excited!

If you want to be involved email us! We’ll tell you about  available volunteer positions, answer all your questions, and or even start the enrollment process!