Just like everyone else in the world our 2019-2020 year was affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. We were able to take a quick break while people reset and then continued our meetings online.

Despite the virus, we had a successful first year and can’t wait for our second year! We took what we learned in our first year and the changes we had to make for the pandemic and have created a solid plan for whatever the next schoolyear may hold.

The following changes are planned for next year:

We’ll be providing a weekly planned project with a STEM/Creative Art base. It will be generally accepted that ALL the students will do this project, but there is some room for accommodations. Kids will be broken in multiple groups to complete different projects as age/interests require. This project will not take all day and additional interest led learning will take place, as well as fun games, and more.

We’ll be utilizing Google Classroom. It will be expected that enrolled students check-in regularly.

We’re Virus Ready- We’ll be taking any safety measures needed, including mask-wearing if needed, or coming early to disinfect surfaces. The future of the Pandemic is still unknown at this point, and many are wondering if things will close down again. If they do, we’re ready to go online if needed at almost a moment’s notice. We’ll be utilizing our Google Classroom to help kids be used to checking in with us and keep us in mind even if they’re home. We’ll utilize a combination of videos, assignments, and live calls to keep everyone on track with their goals.

The new school year will be a wonderful blend of fun and structure with lots of kids and facilitators trying new things and facing fun challenges.