Cranium Collective is NOW FULL. No more students will be admitted during the Fall 2021 Semester. Contact us to be put on a waiting list.

Cranium Collective is for kids age 10 and up. Our current enrollment is ages 10-14.

Cranium functions as a social group but also encourages the kids to try new things, introduces new ideas, and encourages teamwork.

Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash

We meet in person on Wednesdays from 12-4 in Crofton, MD. (Exact address is provided upon registration) It is a drop-off program. The students spend this time playing games, working on projects, baking, planning activities, and doing those activities. We spend time building and running our own LARP (Live Action Role Play) which is like playing DnD but in real life with safety padded weapons. Our exact meeting schedule for the new school year may change. Any parents already enrolled will be updated to any changes. As soon as possible after any changes, the website will also be updated to reflect those changes.

We also do occasional field trips. When we have field trips, it may be to go to special places, meet for special interests or even just hang out at a park or go hiking. Whether or not parents need to remain depends on the exact event and is made clear in advance. Some examples of these events include meeting a park to play our LARP, meeting somewhere for a field trip or tour, going to play mini-golf, and so forth.

We focus on small group sizes and limit enrollment. This allows the kids to really get to know each other and form bonds. It also allows our adult volunteers to make sure that everyone is following the safety rules. Our rules focus on keeping everyone safe and involved. (No randomly bingeing YouTube, No adults alone with a single child, etc. )

Our Covid Policy will be updated for the 2021-2022 school year! We do have a very detailed COVID Safety Plan in place that all students and families are expected to follow, including wearing masks, hand sanitizing, and more. We are currently utilizing extra small class sizes to remain in safe size groups for COVID prevention.

Tuition costs $200 per semester for CMIH members and $300 per semester for non-members. Tuition is pro-rated for late admission. Some activities and events will cost additional fees.

Each family is expected to have one, or more, volunteers. Each week that we meet in person one additional adult must volunteer. We have a safety policy that two adults will always be at Cranium. There is a sign-up sheet for this, and all volunteers are background checked. The adult does not need to be a parent, it can be any family member over 18. Volunteering breaks down to be about once every two months. Volunteering is very easy, and very fun!

We do offer the option to have a trial day before enrollment and very much encourage taking advantage of it. Please contact us if you are interested in a trial. We anticipate a waitlist for enrollment for the new school year and may not be able to offer trial days after the school year has begun. We will work with interested families to meet and do a trial at various summer events as possible.

For questions or to enroll please contact us.