So, what exactly does Cranium Collective offer? What is your money paying for? And what are we doing for your kid?

What do We Offer?

  • One day a week to meet in person to collaborate, work, and play together.
  • Online forum for each class to continue to work together and encourage each other
  • Facilitation and Mentoring by caring adults
  • Individualized attention to each students interests and hobbies

What Will We Do for Your Kid?

  • Both online and in-person mentoring and facilitating of ideas and goals- Working with your child to help them create a plan, figure out how to do it and what they need, providing books/courses/videos to help them along, and regular check-ins to discuss how it is going.
  • Provide Social Interaction and Peer Facilitation- Kids love to be together it’s just that simple. As they get older things like play dates and park days just aren’t enough. They want to get together but need things to do and want to share ideas. Cranium Collective provides that both in person and online.
  • Introduce new ideas and possibilities- We believe that kids know a lot, but no one knows what they don’t know. Both other kids and adults at Cranium will introduce new ideas, new possible interests, new hobbies, and things your child has never seen or thought of before. Whether it be a cool YouTube video about a new scientific discovery,  a book that was great to read, a hands on craft, or even bringing in a presenter, we will regularly focus on introducing new fun things to think about. You never know what might spark someone and we intend to provide a lot of sparks.

Where does Your Money Go?

  • Towards rent for our meeting space
  • Towards books, materials, supplies, and even courses for your kids and the group projects
  • Towards operating costs