Curious about CMIH?

CMIH is Currently closed to new memberships

CMIH stands for Central Maryland Inclusive Homeschoolers, a group that has existed for several years in Maryland with a focus on fun, play based, social events.  CMIH came from a group of friends meeting regularly at the library and just grew from there.  

Usually CMIH focuses on park days, field trips, nature study, and more.  Any member is allowed to host events, and we meet all over the place. You don’t have to live in any specific area to join, you just have to be willing to drive to where we are! 

We will be having at least 1-2 in person park days or casual events a month. These will usually be in Anne Arundel or PG County. We also plan to have 3-4 large parties or events a year, our Not Back to School Party, a Spring Sock Burning, our End of the Year Party, and hopefully at least one other fun event. 

In the past we’ve done all sorts of things, like schedule special group events that usually are only open to school groups, a weekly nature study class, an art class, pottery painting, swimming, hiking, large nerf battles, and so many field trips and park days. Our focus is getting out and just being together and having fun! 

One thing about our group is that attendance in never mandatory. You attend what interests you and when things fit in your schedule. That said, the more you put into it the more you get out of it! 

All of our events are secular in nature. We do occasionally rent space from a church, but are not affiliated with them. We are a secular and inclusive group. We also support all methods of homeschooling. 


CMIH Has Other Perks as Well

An Optional Yearly Promotion Ceremony- celebrate a graduation, give out certificates, or even just allow your child a platform for a much practiced skill. 

Student and Teacher Id Cards included with membership (and useful for a wide variety of discounts) 

Discounted Tuition to Cranium Collective (Read the other pages to find out more about Cranium, our facility for kids 10 and up)

Regular parent support. Whether it be a casual chat with a homeschool veteran at a park day, or an official class or event for parents only, you’ll regularly get advice and opinions on all sorts of homeschool stuff. Plus time to just chat with other parents, whether it’s about homeschool or not! 


How To Join CMIH

CMIH has an Annual Membership Fee of $50 per family per calendar year. Only one membership is required regardless of how many children you have.  Some special events will have an additional cover charge. That charge will always be clearly stated in advance. 

To join you will need to contact us for the current membership form, and then submit that form and your payment. Payment options are included in the form.