Curious about CMIH?

CMIH stands for Central Maryland Inclusive Homeschoolers, a group that has existed for several years in Maryland with a focus on fun, play based, social events.  CMIH came from a group of friends meeting regularly at the library and just grew from there.  

Usually CMIH focuses on park days, field trips, nature study, and more. It’s going to look a little different for the 2020-2021 school year by starting online-only and staying that way for as long as necessary. It’ll still be tons of fun with events once a week that include cooking, games, virtual trips, and even just chat sessions. It’s a great opportunity to have your kids spend time with the same group of friends every week!


CMIH Has Other Perks as Well

3-4 yearly theme parties  for all ages and 2 Yearly Dances for older kids (when safe to host)

An Optional Yearly Promotion Ceremony

Student and Teacher Id Cards included with membership (and useful for a wide variety of discounts) 

Monthly Themed Parent Support Meetings

Discounted Tuition to Cranium Collective (Read the other pages to find out more about Cranium, our facility for kids 10 and up)



How To Join CMIH

CMIH has an Annual Membership Fee of $100 per family per calendar year. Only one membership is required regardless of how many children you have. 

To join you will need to contact us for the current membership form, and then submit that form and your payment. Payment options are included in the form.