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What is a Learning Center?

Who Are We?

Our Learning Center is focused on using small class sizes to help facilitate your child’s unique learning. Kids are placed in small multi-age classes where everything is unique to each kid and each class. 

We are a group of homeschool parents in Maryland that want to fill the need for a facility in Anne Arundel County, and also the need for something besides a standard Co-Op. 

What Does that Really Mean?

What that really means is that we are NOT like anything else around! Our program is a drop off program, and it isn’t structured like a school! There is no first period, second period, etc. There are NO mandatory classes!

Cranium Collective is a secular inclusive learning center for homeschoolers aged 10 and up in Maryland. Using a structure similar to a Micro-school we operate in a way comparable  to the old one-room school houses from years past. We have one teacher/facilitator and at least one assistant per classroom. Each classroom is small, self contained, and has no more than 15 students. 


Another thing that sets us apart is that we offer full individualized guidance for each student. That guidance is NOT based on traditional school subjects (you’ll need to cover those at home, or in other ways) it is instead based on group activities that may be hard at home, as well as personal interests, goal setting, building, making, doing, and being.

Classes are multi-age, and you stay with the same Facilitator for the length of your time at Cranium Collective.

We do not follow a strict daily schedule like a traditional co-op or school. In general all of our classes would be optional and your child can choose not to attend. 

We focus on teaching skills that your child will need for life, as well as giving an opportunity for multi-aged peer group interaction.  Our adult volunteers function as mentors and facilitators, not as traditional teachers. 


Okay, so what would my Child DO There?

Anything, everything, but always something. 

Our expectation is that your child will be engaged, involved, and having fun. Each day will include a variety of working individually, working in a group, and working with their Facilitator/Assistant. 

The facilitator will make sure the kids are engaged in various activities that fit their own goals, interests, and personalities. They’ll also have regular group activities and bring in outside presenters. 

Group activities will always be either optional, or voted on democratically and chosen by the class. If your child doesn’t want to participate in the group activity they can do something else instead.  The Facilitator/Assistant will help if needed.

Need some examples? Here you go!

An artistic child may watch a video the facilitator found about making paint, or the use of ancient pigments. Then they may work on a sketch for a daily challenge they are doing. They may join another child in  a game afterward, and then work on a group project of making a movie. 

An intellectually minded child may read some of a book they brought with them before they create a paper bag book report about it that they’ll later show the class. Then they may work with a chemistry set the facilitator provided, before joining the class on the movie work. If they aren’t interested in the acting or filming they can work on writing the script!

Our Facilitators will be working with you and your child as well as the class as a whole to create these plans. It’s hard to say exactly what a day will look like because of the unique nature of our program. Facilitators will also be tracking these activities to help you be able to pass reviews, create transcripts, and continue these activities at home. 

One thing your child won’t be doing is forced work in basic school subjects, or any subject for that matter. We focus on helping our students bring their own ideas to life not on making them accept our own ideas and doing them. 

One more thing, We’re not new! While this is our first year with a facility we operate under Central Maryland Inclusive Homeschoolers. This group has served homeschoolers with events for more than 6 school years! We have a lot of names you’ll know involved with us. Several of our board members are very active in the homeschool world, and yes, we have a legal entity and a functional Board of Directors.