10-2-19- Field Trip!

Last week I mentioned that we’d be doing a field trip. This week we had some fun practicing life skills on that field trip!

One of our students needed to assemble a first aid kit for his Boy Scout requirements, so he assembled his list of needs last week. The other students were assigned to pick a recipe (they want to learn to cook) and create a shopping list of what they would need. Today we went shopping and got their list items. Have you ever seen a 12 and 13-year-old try to figure out what whipping cream looks like, and where in a store it is? For extra life skills shopping included chasing a younger sibling around the store too.

After we got back to our main location we had our first Coffee Break, which is a snack time where we also discuss group plans and what everyone is working on. The students voted on our first main group project, stay tuned to hear more, right now it’s insider info. 🙂 They also did some research online to get started. Since we also operate democratically this is also when we bring up things that need to be discussed or voted on, like our logo! Next week’s Coffee Break will hopefully include one of those student recipes!

One student needed to do a soil erosion experiment and we gathered around to help or watch. The results were mildly surprising.

Some of the kids have an interest in a specific art/craft project so they researched and made a list of supplies they need to get started next week. One of our facilitators will do the shopping and the project will be part of next week’s time together.

Our current class is small, but we do focus on small class sizes so it isn’t as small as it seems. We are still enrolling for this semester if you’d like to join us!