Our First Day!

We started with an extra small class but we had lots of fun. We celebrated our first day with pizza!

The kids played a card game named MAU, which got mixed reviews from the players.

There was also Wiffle Ball, general outside play, gathering acorns, going over rules, discussing group projects, and the surprising favorite of the day- That’s Unfortunate!

Even the facilitators played “That’s Unfortunate!” and besides some just plain fun we also got in a LOT of PE. That’s Unfortunate! consists of creating tasks which are just mildly embarrassing, goofy, hard, or weird, something that would be considered unfortunate. We have strict anti-bullying and inclusion policies so the tasks end up being things like doing planks, doing sit ups, making animal sounds, quoting times tables, etc. The best part, besides the fun we had, was seeing how everyone encouraged each other on tricky tasks, like counting down the last ten seconds for a plank and cheering when they did it.

We also opened our doors for some visitors. It was a great first day!